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Adress:Equatoria Mall, Suite No. 143

Street: Bombo Rd

City / Country: Kampala / Uganda

Telephone: +256 783 186 829

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"Unbeatable in value for money, safety and fun"

Managing the movement of people around the world is a highly specialised service, and that’s why we are the perfect partner for you

About Us!

Steadfast Safaris is an ethical safari and tour company in Uganda and fully registered with the registrar of companies. We offer fully personalised and affordable tour packages delivered with impeccable service. We are extremely passionate about Uganda and are sure you will soon feel the same. Whether it’s trekking to see the majestic mountain gorillas, a once-in-a-lifetime safari trip or one of our many other fantastic tours, we promise you a trip you will never forget !

We have the ability and the capability to make your trip memorable. We are one indigenous Ugandan safari company who exist to provide you with the most ultimate Ugandan Safari experience, second to none !


As Steadfast Safaris & Tours, 10% of our trips goes to helping Children at Angels Center.
Do you want to donate to Angels Center Uganda directly? Please visit their website at :   

As Steadfast Safaris & Tours, the planet is our product. Its social and environmental welfare is fundamentally important to us; not just as a business , but as human beings, too.
Do you want to donate to Joy For Children Uganda directly? Please visit their website at :   

We look to the future

When we say “We Love Changing People’s Lives,” we’re not just talking about our travellers. We’re talking about everybody. Steadfast is a social enterprise, which means the social value of what we do is just as important to us as the profit it earns.

How we do it:

Steadfast is a profit company that has the interest of ensuring the communities touched by tourism benefit from the opportunities it provides. Every quarter of the year, Steadfast gives a percent of it's earnings to Joy For Children Uganda that helps the N.G.O to run different programmes in slums around regions of country.


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Adress: Equatoria Mall, Suite No. 143

Street: Bombo Rd

City / Country: Kampala / Uganda

Telephone: +256 783 186 829

                    +256 701123108